Cars, Girls, and Bukkake

By | September 21, 2008

Fast cars have always been associated with sexuality. Whether you find speed sexy or think that a big engine is just some people’s way of compensating you have to admit that the internal combustion engine is bound up with sex.

While some manufacturers design sleek and sexy models with eye watering performance, others stick to more sedate models. Honda does both. You can buy a Civic with just about enough power to pull the skin off a rice pudding, or a Type R Civic that doesn’t have a speedo graduated in Mph, but in Mach numbers. At one time you could buy the amazing NSX from them too.

One more recent addition to their range was the Jazz, which I christened the Jizz. OK, a schoolboy joke but one which amused me whenever I was stuck behind one of them in traffic. So with that word association in mind, imagine my amusement to find out that Suzuki have a model called the Splash.

This name may have been the product of a series of focus groups and extensive market research. Or it could have been a mischievous set of office juniors who know that splash in Japanese is BUKKAKE!

Personally I prefer the second theory.

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