Half Naked Sci-Fi Chicks

By | January 23, 2012

NeytiriIsn’t sci-fi a great way to get cute actresses into tight skimpy clothes.

It started off with lurid comics and pulp novel covers showing women in imminent danger. The danger it seems was often not from aliens but of them popping out of their clothing. Once the 1960s really got going the sci-fi authors took full advantage of the more liberal attitude and fashion for revealing clothing.

Star Trek was a classic example of this with the female members of the cast having tunics that finished about an inch below minge base. Barbarella managed to push boundaries with Jane Fonda’s costumes and sexual awakening from techno-orgasming conformist to lover of sex au-natural.

There have of course been examples of blokes getting naked or semi-naked, the most memorable (for all the wrong reasons) being Sean Connery in the ludicrous but very amusing (and under-rated) film, Zardoz. In fact Zardoz is the classic example of the costumes getting in the way of the plot. Zardos says a lot of interesting things, or at least tries to. The breathtakingly daft imagery, partly caused by Boorman’s weirdness and partly by lack of budget, makes people laugh and stop thinking before they take notice of the film.

In any film where you start checking to see if you can see the actress’s nipples and stop following the plot is shooting itself in the foot. Any film where you try to avoid looking at Sean Connery’s crotch falls into a similar category.

I’m not saying that I don’t enjoy cute alien women in PVC catsuits, no I enjoy that a lot, just that it can get in the way of the story LOL.