A Virgin Every Day Of Your Life

By | January 24, 2012

Even when your life is a helter-skelter sexual fairground there are times when it just gets better. As you’ll all know we enjoy a healthy and vigorous sex life and aren’t averse to trying out a few new things from time to time. That you might think is an ideal state of affairs and for the most part it is.

However, being swept along in the flow of the regular and fulfilling sex we enjoy together does mean something can go missing from your sex life. The sex toys, the experimentation, the open-minded attitude towards different sorts of bedroom play are fantastic, but paradoxically the very variety and intensity of our relationship can mask out something simpler, more fundamental and yet just as important if not more so.

Just occasionally something stops you in your tracks and reminds you why you enjoy making love to your partner so much and why all those things that keep the relationship interesting would be nothing without the foundations on which the relationship is built, both inside and outside the bedroom.

It’s like tasting a familiar wine and noticing that despite the flavour being like an old friend it can still surprise you by tantalising your taste buds with its subtle nuances when you drink it with certain foods or at a particular temperature.

We’re forever trying to move forward, so when this occasionally does happen and something triggers off a memory like this the enjoyment of the underlying pleasure that we derive from each others bodies is all the more intense.