Sex Toys In My Panty Draw

By | September 22, 2008

AlexSuzeThings were getting out of hand at chez AlexSuze. Sex toys were taking over every bit of unused cupboard space, under the bed space and on top of the cupboard space. There were suitcases and boxes of toys all over and in every room. Something had to be done.

So Alex went to the DIY store to purchase some storage boxes so that they can be tidied away in waterproof storage and placed in the attic. Or at least the ones that I don’t use on a regular basis. Bloody hell, that was a job in itself just deciding which ones to store and those to keep close by.

I was like a child in the candy shop, I wanted to keep so many in my drawer next to the bed. The drawer is really for my panties but it now shares the space with sex toys and it’s crammed. Every time I open it my panties spill out over the top or a toy pokes over the top at me. Lol

You just have to ruthless and after about half an hour of packaging up I finally hardened to the task of selecting the “stay, go, drawer” toys. There were a few casualties along the way due to problems with the manufacture or battery leakage but most were saved and stored.

Along with the big clear up came the inevitable pile of packaging, boxes and plastic packs galore. We put them all in to a carboard box and by the time that the sort through had finished there were about 20 boxes headed for the bin.

This posed a dilemma too. Our local council recycles paper and cardboard. So do you go green and put them in the bin for recycling or do you throw them in the waste bin in the vain hope that you don’t get discovered as being more than a little keen on sex toys.

Well we just don’t know which way to go with this so they are still boxed up in the garage until an executive decision is made on the matter. The benefit of throwing them in with the waste is that the bin men don’t check your bin over before loading it in to the dumper truck. But with the paper and card waste they usually have a quick look in it before tipping it.

I suppose the best solution to this would be to put our packaging in the neighbours bin when they put it out on to the street the evening before collection…

*laughs manically*

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