We Broke The Bed!

By | September 23, 2008

AlexSuzeTo be more accurate we broke the mattress. And to be perfectly honest it has served us well. The bed we have was bought when we first got a house together over ten years ago and the mattress is about six years old.

The tortured old Pine bedframe has already had a number of heavy duty repairs courtesy of my DIY skills, and the first conventional mattress we had on it gave up and stared popping springs. The current mattress is Tempur one; if you’re not familiar with Tempur they are made of foam that mould itself to your body and retains its shape, slowly reforming as you move around the bed.

The mattress was very comfortable but over time they get softer and softer. Coupled with the industrial strength use it tends to get it’s no surprise that it’s ready for replacement. The problem is it’s going to cost us over £1000 to replace it and that’s just silly money at the moment. Unlike the bed we simply can’t make DIY repairs. Looks like some belt tightening and saving is in order, and with Christmas on the way too.

One of the problems with a foam mattress is that you have to develop new techniques for screwing on it. You don’t have the springiness of a conventional mattress and you tend to lose mobility as you sink into it. However that can be an advantage because we used to have a problem of Suze banging her head on the headboard as she was pushed towards it while we fucked. This one tends to hold you in place.

I suppose all fucking venues have their advantages and disadvantage. Screwing outside is all very well, but it can be uncomfortable with grass stains as an added bonus. Cars can be warm and have their own upholstered couches, but they’re cramped and steam up rather easily.

The kitchen’s an interesting place to screw and like the bathroom it’s wipe-clean for those telltale spillages, LOL. However it’s not very comfortable, hard surfaces and sharp corners.

Looking at it like that I suppose that even a worn-out mattress is better (in practical terms) than most places, at least it’s relatively comfortable.

Maybe we should try a few out this weekend. That’ll raise a few eyes at the department store.

Especially if Suze takes her Fling wooden dildo with her