Porn In Your Corn Hole

By | January 26, 2012

I really do love reading blogs. Not just adult ones, but any, interesting blog. If you’d said that to me a few years ago I’d have laughed at you. I like the feel of a book in my hand, turning the page, unlocking the secrets hidden in the next chapter …

But now I love blogs too.

While I’m big on books I’ve never been a big fan of newspapers. The broadsheets yes, when I’m in the right mood. They can be insightful and thought provoking but the tabloids are just chewing gum for the mind. I don’t really like celebrity gossip (unless it’s Paris Hilton getting banged up in jail ROFLMFAO) and I hate sporting events being over analysed, player’s movements being speculated over and the rest.

As for politics or current affairs tabloids don’t do that. Remember the infamous “Sun” headline during the Falklands War? A picture of The General Belgrano sinking into the South Atlantic, hundreds of Argentine seamen dead and their headline? “Gotcha!”. At best the tabloids are partisan and monochrome in their views. At worst they’re despicable.

However I do think that the majority of journalists have one thing in common. A lack of imagination. They wait for a story to happen and then instead of an interesting and imaginative take on it they report it in the same way they reported the last similar story.

Don’t get me started on magazines LOL.

Before coach loads of journos turn up with placards let me just say that there are some, a sizeable minority, who do display brains and ingenuity. Not only to report well but often put their lives and their liberty at stake in pursuit of that most elusive of commodities – the truth. To those journalists I doff my cap.

So what’s this got to do with adult blogging.

Well I was thinking about Ron Jeremy, not something I often do thank goodness. However the hairy little Munchkin popped into my head because I was thinking about a VHS tape we have. A porn tape. It was an under-the-counter job way back before R18 was created and hardcore was legal in the UK.

Ron Jeremy made a cameo appearance in it, introducing two of the characters to each other during a party. The scene stands out for two reasons. Firstly it proves that Ron Jeremy will appear in/open/MC at/have his photo taken in any situation if it will raise his profile. Secondly that the acting and scripting in porn is of the lowest level.

The problem I find is that while this is acceptable for the most part in porn. When I read adult literature I want to hear something a little more considered. Maybe it’s the difference between porn and erotica, or maybe it’s just me being snobbish.

I want to know why a character did this, that or the other, or at least be given a hint at their motivation. I’m not asking for rich extensive character development but at least give the characters personalities, thoughts, feelings.

I also don’t get the repetitive same-post-every-day blogs. Many are nothing better than splogs covered in ads, but one that does spring to mind (now defunct) basically ran the same rehhased post for about four years and yet was hugely popular. So some readers must have liked it.

The question therefore poses itself. Am I in the minority. Do you like to read about the same acts/situations over and over again, is this your comfort zone? Or do you need something more than a corny porn script to ignite your desire.