All Wrapped Up In Latex

By | January 27, 2012

Latex Blue DressSuze has been a bit tit obsessed today and I felt the need to come back with a little general kink. However like all men I’m a simple creature and m y love of tight fitting clothing, especially latex has inevitable become entwined with the booby theme to bring you this image.

I’ve had a thing about fetish wear for a while not. I wouldn’t call it a fetish as such it’s simply an appreciation of the female for clothed in a material which emphasises its beauty. Well that’s the way I see it. It can be translucent like this or opaque. In fact im most cases I prefer opaque. The extreme emphasis of form forcing my imagination into overdrive to envision the flesh beneath the shiny form.

IMHO appreciation of the female form is simply that, appreciation of something beautiful. It’s when appreciation becomes the objectification of the (female) human being and its disassociation with their equally beautiful nature that things start to fall apart.