Playing With My Pussy

By | January 28, 2012

Pure White PussyI decided to do sex toy review yesterday afternoon as it was so grey and dismal outside.  Turning on the DVD player on route I pulled the bedroom curtains closed, don’t want the neighbours watching my porn.  Lol

The DVD was already loaded in the player and kicked in to action, I started the first scene off and stripped off before climbing in to bed.  Totally naked it felt cold under the duvet but I knew if I grin and bear it I would soon be as warm as toast.

I reached for my new toy and placed the cover on my bedside drawers.  It was cold so I took it under the duvet placing it between my thighs to warm.  A few minutes later it was warmed and ready to go and the DVD had started the main action.

As I turned on the power I became aware of my cat sitting next to the bed.  He then proceeded to jump up next to me.  I carried on knowing if I ignore him he will sometimes go away.  How wrong was I, he batted the top off the chest of draws next to me and started to charge about all over the bedroom.

This went of for several minutes before I decided to give up on the whole thing.  Can’t concentrate on pleasuring myself while there’s a mad cat jumping about all over the room.

He did eventually calm down and get bored with his new toy and I went about my business…