Teenage Fucking Again

By | September 23, 2008

If there’s one thing a man knows is that when he’s cum his cock is going to go soft. Right?

Well not always.

When you’re young you get hard at the thought of a good looking woman and stay hard despite any conscious wishes you may have to the contrary. But no matter how hard you are and how long you screw the moment you cum the erection has done its job and mother natures automatic deflation process usually kicks in and puts your cock to sleep.

Occasionally of course you stay up, but in my experience, for the most part, even my most vigorous erections head south after my orgasm.

That is until this last week or so. I though it was a one off at first but it keeps happening. I am cumming and then staying up. There’s no chance of another orgasm, when I cum I don’t hold back so feel drained. This doesn’t seem to correlate with my cock at the moment. It stays bouncy and hard for several minutes after sex. I can keep thrusting after I have cum and do just that, much to Suze’s delight. The sensitivity of my glans is of course an issue so I do have to stop eventually.

It’s better than being 19 again.

Don’t tell Alex but I have been slipping viagra in to his tea. Lol. Suze