Nasty Girls

By | January 29, 2012

We men are pretty easy to please most of the time. Our tastes are simple. We also have ways of fooling ourselves into a comfortable world of our own.

Despite years of female liberation, sexually, socially and career-wise we still like to think that the woman we’re with was (almost) pure when met her. We like to think that she was a little innocent, not very worldly and that we’ve opened her eyes. We might say that we want a wanton woman but there’s nothing we like more than a bit of innocence from our girls, at least in our own heads.

It’s only after we’ve been together for a short while that we want her to be a dirty little bugger in the bedroom.  And then we want no holds barred sex …

There’s one exception of course, the one night stand. Or at least the brief fling with the filthy temptress. She can be as experienced, worldly and perverted as she likes because, well, we’re never going to take her home to meet our parents are we.

Now tell me I’m wrong.