The Interview

By | February 1, 2007

Well along with the new year came a more concerted effort to find employment.  Things are very sluggish on the run up to Christmas, so I didn’t bother checking out the local press and job sites.

One thing that has become apparent since I was last in full time employment is my decline in self confidence.  I have never been overly confident, just well balanced.  It doesn’t do any harm to have an element of self doubt, it keeps you from sounding like a total dickhead at interviews.  We have all witnessed the cringe-worthy over confident candidate.  Not a pretty sight.

I think being out of work and the slight knock of my self confidence has put me back in the job market.  The positions I have been applying for are the types of jobs I can do with my hands tied behind my back but the set back to this is that the perspective employer may think you are over qualified for the position and therefore not even bother to call you in for interview.

On the other hand I have been out of work so long now that my skills are needing a little tweaking before I can jump back in to the same seat I once occupied.  This does upset me a little, to consider that I worked so hard to get to where I did only a year ago.  And now I have to start the long upward climb all over again.

Well tomorrow could be the beginning of the rest of my life.  I have been invited to interview and I have to admit I’m as nervous as hell about it.  I would much rather stand up in front of my readers and talk about sex than attend an interview but needs must and money only lasts for so long.

There are so many kinky things I want to buy and can’t so I am driven to find employment which will fund my naughtiness.  I keep looking at all the sexy lingerie in the shops and I can’t afford to buy it, which makes me totally pissed off.  Firstly I need to catch up with my debts and then I can start to purchase some nice outfits to share with you on HNT.  Perhaps I should start an HNT fund to buy kinky stuff to have my picture taken in.  😉

I’m not sure who I will be seeing tomorrow but the lady on the phone sounded friendly (and a little sexy) when I spoke to her.  Damn!  I’m going to have to get those kinds of ideas out of my head.  I have been spending far too much time writing horny posts for this site.  Lol.

I wonder if I should go in to training for the interview.  You know…like sports personalities do just before a big match.  Should I refrain from any form of sexual activity tonight in preparation, so as not to sap my concentration and strength for the event?  Or would this have the opposite effect and make me uptight and snappy?

What do you think?