Naked Hot Redheads

By | January 29, 2012

BlueWe took a drive out to our favourite country pub for lunch on Sunday.  Most times we visit there something happens en route or within the hostelry to amuse us.  The locals in there are real characters and I mean that in that in an a good way not a “Shameless” way.  Lol

Although we obviously aren’t local the bar staff and regulars always make us feel welcome and have a little chat.  And on occasion we get to ogle the rather well endowed barmaid just like we did that afternoon.

On this visit there was a family who we see most times we visit but this time it was extended by an additional 4 people out for Sunday lunch.  It turned out to be a bonus that they had turned up because we probably wouldn’t have heard what we did had they not been there.

It was revealed that the mother of the family, an attractive blond was a sleep walker.  As the conversation continued it was revealed that she would sleep walk naked and looking wide awake but obviously not.  The conversation continued and one of the group said she would often get in to bed with you unawares of what she was doing (give me her address.  😉  )

Apparently on one such evening she got out of the house and drove her car to her parents house and back, wearing only a jacket.  Now that I would like to have seen.

Amazing what you can hear in the pun on a Sunday lunch time, I’ll never see her in the same light again.