Kinky Times We Live In

By | April 23, 2013

Kinky AssWhen you are in a relationship does the kink just appear or does it develop over time? Of course that depends on the relationship.

We have always been pretty honest about our desires and open about what we will and will not do with each other but that has matured over time, partly because of the growing intimacy that you form as a relationship blossoms but also because of the life experiences we have had – particularly linked to this blog I wouldn’t say that we have always been kinky and certainly never extreme. So if you’re expecting to hear tales of our exploration of fisting, CBT and nipple torture then I’m afraid you’ll be disappointed.

We  do try new things though and many of the things we do try now would have had both of us blushing a few years ago. As time has progress our comfort zone has expanded. Take anal sex, at one time Suze couldn’t watch it on a DVD, so we’d fast-forward through those bits. But over time it’s developed into something we’ve tried and enjoyed, though we rarely indulge in it because despite it feeling really kinky and naughty I think we both prefer vaginal sex.

If we try new things we keep doing them and if we don;t enjoy doing them together we try something different. Sometimes Suze will ask for a butt plug to be inserted while we’re having sex, only a small one and not every time. So we keep one to hand and a container of lube so that we don’t have to break off in the middle of the action.

Like all couples I suppose we started with the cheap handcuffs and rude food, perhaps a bit of role play. Where you go after that of course depends on the couple, perhaps we’ve just gone a little further than most but certainly not as far as some people we’ve met. Each to their own, so long as it’s consenting, sane and safe.

As I mentioned above blogging has been a catalyst for our sexual development and the involvement with the adult industry/movie business even more so because of the nature of the film production process. Watching a film been made is a pretty matter of fact business but hugely interesting, talking to those involved in making it is however fascinating and fun.

You can’t cross the same bridge twice as the old saying goes so we can never be the same people we were before Suze and I met and we wouldn’t want to be. There will always be bridges to cross, take fisting and CBT and whether we cross them is something we’ll decide in time.

Our lives, adult blogging, adult movies and the lives we have lived together outside the adult industry have all made us who we are today. Did it unlock the kinkiness that was already there or did it suggest some new ones. Probably a bit of both.