A Fuck You Will Not Believe

By | September 24, 2008

Rebecca De MornayLast weekend we popped into HMV and bought a couple of DVDs. One of them was series one of Ideal, starring Johnny Vegas. We’d caught odd snatches of the show when it was shown on BBC3 and thought it looked interesting. As they were selling the DVD for £5 I thought it was worth a punt.

One of the pieces of incidental music sounded very much like Tangerine Dream’s music for the film “Risky Business”. At which point I couldn’t stop the image of Rebecca De Mornay having sex on a train running through my head. There it goes again, and again, and again …

This couple in South Africa had a rather different experience with railway sex. It’s tragic but I can’t help wondering how they were able to ignore the shouts of the engine driver, or the sound and vibration of a locomotive rolling towards them. It must have been really good sex or they were completely off their tits.

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