Doggy Style Clit Skid

By | September 24, 2008

I’m still feeling a bit under the weather, the cold or whatever it was I had last week is hanging around and I just can’t shake it. Consequently I ache all over and cannot be arsed to do very much and that includes sex too.

Not that I’m going without it in order to reserve my strength but I’m just taking it and letting Alex do all the hard work. He doesn’t mind that I can’t suck his cock because my nose is so blocked and I’m having to breath through my mouth. He can cope with me not running my fingernails down his back and up and down his spine because my limbs ache. He can even cope with me sneezing mid fuck and almost expelling him.

That’s love for you. 😉

One thing I can’t cope with is fast and furious fucking. I find the pornstar speed fuck to be both desensitising and worrying. Why worry? I hear you ask. Well in my experience the quicker you go at it the more chance of missing your target and then you get “cock bend” and in extreme cases “cock break”, which can result in your cock being seriously banana shaped when erect due to tissue damage.

Another concern for me is when we are doing it doggy. It’s my favourite position. No matter what time of the month a good g-spot orgasm can be achieved. But care has to be taken by the male with withdrawing and re-entry. Occasionally Alex will pull too far out and when he attempts the in stroke he misses completely and grazes my clit or “clit skids” me.

And OUCH! That bloody well hurts.

Because there is very little moisture around my clit he must push the hood back and glide over my expose nub. Which feels like someone just took a piece of coarse sandpaper to your clitoris. Not a good feeling, least not for me. Lol

So guys tell me about your mishaps and how they feel, I’m all ears. 😉