Hookers With Hooters 2 From Starr Productions

By | January 31, 2012

Hookers With HootersI’ve been reviewing porn DVD’s for some years now and as you can see we work with several production houses which brings variety to the site.

And now I’m proud to add Tommy Gunns to the mix via Starr Productions.  It’s quite by chance that I got my hands on some of his  work.  I happened across his profile on a social network site, we got chatting and one thing lead to another.  And now I have 4 of his latest productions on my desk awaiting review.

Being a lover of big boobs I thought I would start with this one which from the cover looks very interesting and I noted features Ron Jeremey so there should be a little tongue in cheek stuff on the DVD.  Hahaha, just noticed the reference to rimming there.