Rock And Roll Groupies And Porn

By | September 24, 2008

In the 1960s and 1970s it was quite common for pop stars to have hoards of screaming teenagers, usually of the female variety of course, running around after them. For some of the devoted fans it was just a signed photograph they were after. For others it was a little bit more.

Tales of drug and alcohol fuelled sex and TV sets thrown from hotel room windows are the stuff that a tabloid reporter’s wet dreams are made of. The copy writes itself and the headlines draw the punters to the newsstands.

For a while it was like that and to a certain extent it is still the same to this day. However casual unprotected sex with multiple partners was always risky and today you could pay with your life so you’d like to think that those indulging in it would exercise a little caution.

There are new groupies though and they are mainly male.

And the object of their devotion is somewhat different.

Walk around any adult show and you’ll see them seeking out the big name stars, or as it happens the smaller ones too. The difference between the new groupies seeking the autographs of adult stars and their counterparts of a couple of decades ago is that they are not necessarily after the most famous names.

Sexuality is so personal that this is of course inevitable. The huge names have their following, but they are often seen as inaccessible and therefore less attractive. It may be a look, a laugh, an accent a smile or just the way they beg to be fucked up the ass in your favourite porn title, but whatever it is each porn groupie has their own fascination and favourites.

While some of them might fantasise about actually fucking their top adult performer I think many just want to meet them. That can be very satisfying. Having met quite a few porn people in the past few years I can see the fascination. They are just normal people doing a very unusual job and I like that sort of juxtaposition.