69 to Doggy

By | February 1, 2012

Maid AssI like to share my sexual experiences and I know from the emails I receive that you like to read about them too.

Tonight Alex and I watched a little porn this evening and before we knew it were were kissing and fondling each other.  We 69’d briefly and then went straight for missionary as a starter, moving through a selection of positions and finally ending up in my favourite doggy.

He was thrusting nice and deep and his cock was grazing my swollen g-spot effectively, making me cum several times.  We were both nice and moist and his cock was pounding in and out of me with ease.

I was just about to come for the ??? time and I had an overwhelming desire to cough as the back of my throat started to tickle.  Trying to keep it in wasn’t making things any easier, I didn’t want to put Alex off his stroke as I was sure he would be close to coming.

But the tickle won and I let a cough escape.  I you’ve ever coughed or sneezed during intercourse you will be fully aware that it has the effect of trying to evict whatever’s in your vagina as your muscles push outwards.

Being fully aware of this I tried to stifle the tickling but it was getting worse and moments later I was having a coughing fit whilst Alex hung on in there, fucking away at me.  Despite my best attempts to thwart his imminent orgasm with my vaginal eviction he managed to make it to orgasm inside me.

A sip of water from the glass on my bedside drawers quelled the tickle when I eventually broke our bond.  And as soon as the tickle arrived it disappeared.