All Nails And Pornstar Shoes

By | February 1, 2012

Fuck Me HeelsEvery since my friend introduced me to manicures some months ago I’ve been hooked on having my nails done.  Throughout my life I have struggled to keep my nails all at a decent length because they would always break and not just at the tip but the base and I’d have to start growing them all over again.

I’ve now discovered “Silks” this is a process of using glue to secure small pieces of white silk over your own nails which means you can still have your own nails but they are reinforced.  And unlike fake ones your nails remain reasonably healthy below them.

I delight now in giving myself this little treat every 3 weeks and selecting a nice new polish to go on them.  It’s great having them done but then you have to sit and wait for them to cure for at least 30 minutes before you can leave the salon to go home.

So today I was doing my usual thing, sitting in the chair next to the nail technicians desk waiting patiently for them to dry whilst listening in to the other clienteles conversations with the stylists who also work their.

Periodically I take a look down at my hands just to check that they are ok and at this precise point of staring down a pair of feet came in to shot.  Unlike the rest of the sensibly heeled clients and staff this customer was teetering on what appeared to be 6” black patent shoes.

As I looked upwards taking in her opaque black tights and black and white geometric dress I was intrigued to know just who would be daring enough to go out in such attire.  I continued to look upwards and a blonde bob and mature face greeted me.

By this point the women in the salon had noticed her shoes and were making various remarks about her being brave perched upon such high heels.  I couldn’t help thinking that maybe she should have considered that she was a little long in the tooth for her look.  Super models may be able to carry the look off in their dotage but this woman certainly wasn’t one of those.

I had to ask myself at what age you should start to tame down your appearance because I don’t mean to come across as being bitchy but she looked like an old hooker.

What do you think about women wearing clothes which would probably look better on their children?