Letching At Gym Again

By | February 2, 2012

Letching At Gym AgainI have a love/hate relationship with gym at this time of year.  Let me explain that statement.  January is the time for executing those New Year’s resolutions and consequently brings a new income to my gym.

Every time I go lately it’s full of new faces, not just the regulars who I now have a sweaty affinity with.  Lol  It’s great to be able to letch at a batch of keep fit newbies but I know it is inevitable that in a few weeks their enthusiasm will have waned and it will just be me and the die hard regulars once again.

In the meantime I’m enjoying checking out the latest totty to step through the doors it helps pass the time and keeps me motivated to attend.  I’m such a filthy bitch!  Lol

Oh and there’s a rather cute raspberry haired personal trainer who’s new too.  It’s not that she is stunning but she is rather enigmatic but I’ll keep you updated on my progress there.  Got to speak to her the other day and she is a very pleasant girl.

Bugger!  That brought me down to earth, she is probably mid 20’s, is that too young for me?