Hot Sex When It Gets Cold

By | September 25, 2008

… and a bit of Girl Letching

Winter is just around the corner and I have succumbed to the drop in temperature by turning on the heating if only for a few hours at night just to lift the ambient temperature. It’s a torturous decision knowing that yes I will be warm but the trade off for that comfort will be an extortionate utility bill.

But sex in the cold is just no fun and trying to keep yourself covered with the duvet during the act is almost impossible, and distracting, as you have to keep retrieving it as it slips off to the floor.

Yes it’s romantic snuggling up in bed on a cold night but not exactly conducive to good sex. 😉 For that you need to have freedom of movement not considered moves.

At work Busty has been affected by the weather too, she has stopped wearing her usual low cut tops. 🙁 Instead opting for ones with higher necklines, so there ends my letching. I was checking her out in profile this afternoon and boy does she have a wonderful pair of boobs. They may have become even larger because her jacket only just touches edges I noticed.

She once bought a bra at lunchtime from the shopping mall and to demonstrate her cup size actually wore one of the cups as a hat on her head. Lol So instead of being able to ogle her ample chest I am going to have to make do with admiring her form through her clothing. Bye, bye boobies see you again next year.

I was also disappointed this lunchtime to find that the girl who works in the greasy spoon where I go for my sandwich may have left. She looked a little unhappy and not quite her bubbly self yesterday, normally she will exchange pleasantries and give me one of her blue eyed smiles but she had her head down. I thought of cheering her up by introducing her to the free sex toy giveaway at Sex Toys Buzz, but stopped myself. I would have liked to have delivered a toy to her personally, whether she won or not Lol.

I’m hoping that I’m wrong but girls come and go with regularity there and I think she may just be the latest casualty. In fact I’m so pissed off at work I felt like asking them if they have a job going.

So, until tomorrow then. I’ll keep you updated.