Super Sex Store Sunday

By | February 2, 2012

As we were in the area on Sunday we toddled off to the adult shop to check out the DVDs. It was only a flying visit but we couldn’t believe our eyes when we got in there. The place was packed.

Normally it’s either empty or we share it with just a couple of other people. Often staff outnumber the customers. However today the place was packed with customers, and they weren’t just looking. They were actually buying. Leaving aside that they could have bought more cheaply online it really does show that the credit crunch is either not biting yet or is changing people’s habits from going out to find a good time to staying in :o)

Of course we couldn’t help but watch the punters closely and resisted the urge to start advising on buying decisions. We’d have got ourselves chucked out. After all it’s best to keep your mouth shut when you feel like saying “Don’t buy that vibe, such and such is far better, and cheaper …” it upsets the staff.

It was most difficult to keep ourselves quiet when the couple in front of us at the checkout couldn’t decide whether the vibrators they had just bought were the right ones. Suze was hopping from foot to foot but a warning look from me told her it would be a bad idea to wade in.