Lindsay’s Lesbian Lover

By | September 25, 2008

Lindsay LohanWhen Samantha Ronson call Loveline to express her feelings about the recent plane crash that left four dead and two injured in South Carolina nearly a week ago she opened a huge can of worms.

In one respect it’s irrelevant if Lindsay Lohan is gay and or is dating Ronson. What’s important is her reaction to the assertion that the two women are a couple. Lohan’s reaction when asked about their relationship was that they have been going out together for some time. On the other hand her agent’s take on the remarks made were that Lohan had simply been playing along with the DJ.

Lyndsay Lohan’s willingness to “play along” suggests that she’s open to other sexualities, even if she’s not gay. Whereas her agent’s rebuttal of the assertion indicates that her publicity machine believes that to admit she’s a muff diver would harm her future career prospects. Indeed, that may be true, while most teenage boys would go and see a movie if they believed she was gay or bisexual (the masturbation fantasy potential of that for a boy is huge) film execs, investors and distributors may not think her kind of film (Freaky Friday et al) is complimented by non-heterosexual sexuality.

It’s a sad reflection on some people’s values that even if she was “playing along” they may see her apparent acceptance of same-sex relationships as undesirable in itself.

Coming out is so difficult that some gay men and women never actually do it, even in this century. Being straight I’ve never had that particular dilemma, though we did have one gay friend whose family effectively told him they wanted nothing more to do with him when he came out to them. Being in the public means that you have many sets of disapproving parents instead of just one I suppose.

Whatever the truth about Lindsey Lohan’s sexuality, this incident means the press can keep talking about it for a while yet.

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