Dangerous Sex Toys

By | September 26, 2008

Well, I finally got up the courage to do it. I started getting rid of some of the packaging and the odd sex toy or two that we don’t tend to use. As you can imagine we have dozens of them around the house, and disposing of them and the packages they came in is a bit of a nightmare. Most of the toys still work (except some of the really old stuff) so we’re loath to throw them away, but there are a few failed items.

Suze’s Alethia was one of them. It died the other day. However that was tiny and some of the stuff I threw into the bin today wasn’t so easy to dispose of. Let’s just say that it’s double-wrapped in plastic to ensure it doesn’t split as it goes into the back of the collection wagon. Suze would never forgive me. Dangerous things these sex toys, LOL.

For the most part though it’s mainly the packaging so we can reduce the actual storage volume required. As more come in every day for testing at Sex Toys Buzz we have to keep on top of the problem. Oh, BTW if you fancy the idea of free sex toys why not join the Buzz Club and be automatically entered for the prize draw with different sex toys to be won every month.

So there will be something to please all, including you guys out there.