A Damn Good Online Fucking

By | February 7, 2012

Couple Having SexI received a piece of spam email in my inbox recently. I noticed it because my spam filters are pretty good and for the most part redirect the hundreds of spam messages I get each day to my spambox. It also stood out because it wasn’t for dubious drugs to buy online.

This particular email explained a system that would it seemed allow me to make my fortune at roulette. In a nutshell it explained very carefully that I should start with $1 stakes, and double them if I didn’t win until I eventually I would apparently win big. It even helpfully suggested that I don’t play at one of the well known, large casinos because they would get wise to the system and ban me. No I ought to try this casino with a weird address who would never notice …

How kind of them to let me in on this secret. Perhaps there are nice people out there in the world willing to help complete strangers get rich. LOL – yeah my arse.

The last line of the email was perhaps the most amusing, it suggested an online-casino site where I could apply the aforementioned magic formula.

So if you want to get fucked online try following the roulette system on an unsolicited email you get from a total stranger.