Swinging Coming To A Neighbourhood Near You

By | February 9, 2012

SwingingI just finished reading an article in the Daily Mail about a detached property in Hampshire which isn’t classed as business premises being used for adult partying and regular events.

The five bedroom house sports two dungeons, a dancing pole in the living room, hot tub and various pieces of bondage furniture in the back garden.  JCT2 or as the venue is better known Junction House Parties cater for swinging events, Fetish and BBW events but to name a few.

It is claimed by New Forest District Council that the owner of the residence has permitted the house to become a business without planning permission.  The owner claims that he doesn’t charge for his events but attendees offer a donation which he likens to bringing a bottle of wine to a party.

Despite his protestations you can find the owners site here.