Messy Sex

By | September 27, 2008

The competition to sell you stuff increases by the day, so ad agencies are forced to be more and more innovative all the time. Some of this innovation succeeds in ways that they probably couldn’t imagine.

The video above is an example. While it’s obviously supposed to engage with the indulgent side of ice cream/chocolate consumers it also makes for a very slick sploshing video.

If you’ve not encountered the term before, sploshing is a sexual fetish in which someone derives pleasure from watching or being involved in the use of food, mud or other such messy substances. Very often it involves pictures or videos of young girls covered or being covered in say chocolate sauce, cream etc etc. It’s also referred to as messy play.

I can relate to it in a very small way, we’ve all tried a little bit of rude food in the bedroom, haven’t we? But I can’t claim to be an expert. It’s quite a specialised fetish though there are a number of sites on the Internet who cater for its devotees.

The thing is there are a number of videos on You Tube about sploshing, and some that definitely count as sploshing videos, but were never meant as such. The most noteable example of is this video of Zoë Salmon, presenter of BBC TV’s Blue Peter children’s magazine show. I don’t know why they made this video in the first place but sploshing fans everywhere must be thanking their lucky stars they did.

If you really want to see a specially made sploshing video, have a look at this:

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