Suburban Sex Dungeon

By | September 27, 2008

I was intrigued to read a story on the Telegraph website about a detached house in the suburbs of a sleepy street in Preston, Lancashire. The bugalow is central to allegations that it is being used as a sex dungeon.

Apparently neighbours thought that it was owned by a disabled man who ran a website business and they assumed that the traffic was due to this. Lol The site which is described itself as being The House Of Pleasure or Pain is run by Mistress Storm 44 who describes herself as not giving any sexual services but being a natural born sadist.

I checked and the site appears to be down. 🙁

The police, council officials and fire service had their attention brought to the premises and amongst concerns were…wait for it…fire hazards involving the use of candles for waxplay in which candles are dripped on to a client.

Well bugger me!

I think a lot of us may qualify for a fire check then, hey just think of all those hunky firemen coming round in uniform to access your property…

Tags: BDSM, dungeon, domination, submission