Surrounded By Hot Hunks

By | February 20, 2012

Hot HunkGym on Sunday is normally quiet with just a few people scattered here and there trying to be good and self righteous.  Lol

Alex and I were pedalling away on the cycles after a gruelling session on the rowing machines when the first one struck.  One of the young personal trainers came over for a chat and to tout for business, I think it didn’t take long for him to take the hint that this lady couldn’t afford the investment in his time.

I carried on cycling and then only 5 minutes later another one came up to me.  Was it my perfume or did I just look like I could do with the one to one instruction?  🙂

It was beginning to feel like I was being predated and normally I would have lapped up all the male attention but I did have Alex next to me after all.  Lol  He just read what I put and tapped me on the leg for being a bad girl.

I’m going back tomorrow, what are the chances of me being inundated with hot male PT attention…