My Blue Eyed Muse And Masturbation Material

By | September 28, 2008

Paul NewmanAs a child and in to my early teens I remember being besotted by the young and very, very handsome figure of a man, he had blue eyes, stunning good looks and appeared to all the world to be such a great level headed guy.

He always came across as being 100% genuine and self effacing, not one of the usual Hollywood film stars who are self-aware to the degree of obsession. He was quiet, open and very easy to get along with. And lets face it, his looks transcended time and if he had been my age like so many other girls “I would”.

His name…Paul Newman.

I feel compelled to write this small tribute about him and how he enriched my life because there aren’t many people like him out there in that glittering world.

And even though he was too old for me, the image that I saw of Paul on the screen be it in his numerous acting roles or his interviews he came across as the kind of guy I could settle down with and indeed love to wake up next to each morning (in his younger years).

I just finished reading a tribute to him in the Telegraph which states:

The actor made his screen debut in the poorly-received 1954 sword-and-sandal epic The Silver Chalice. He was so ashamed of his performance that when the film was to be shown on television he took out a newspaper advert to apologise for it.

And that for me sums up this man.

He stayed faithful to his lovely wife Joanna Woodward for 50 years and that must have been difficult looking like he did. He also founded “Newman’s Own” a product line including pasta sauce and salad dressing whose proceeds went directly to charity, not a penny went in his own pocket. He is renowned for his work for charity and the franchise raised £108 million in donations. What a great guy.

But my personal memory of Paul will be his role in Cat On A Hot Tin Roof and that is how I will always remember him.

RIP Paul 1925-2008