Girl Next Door Porn

By | September 28, 2008

We went shopping today and on the way back we popped in to the sex shop to swap a couple of DVDs. I was quite surprised that it was rather busy. There were the usual single blokes in the DVD section, but also three couples including ourselves. One couple older than use by about ten years and another in their early twenties.

I would have loved to have seen which DVDs they had selected but thought it might be seen as a bit peculiar if I took an interested and tried to read the titles on the covers, or maybe asked. LOL

Funny isn’t it, online I don’t have a problem with asking what you as readers or fellow bloggers like when it comes to pornography. But face to face the only place where you can discuss that sort of thing freely is with close friends or at gatherings of like-minded people; Say munches or adult shows. Even in the bloody sex shop doesn’t indicate that you can assume people would be open to a friendly enquiry.

In fact when I paid for our DVDs the young couple were behind us. The look of shock when I turned to face her was priceless. I looked her straight in the eye, I suppose she expected me to skulk out with my head down. Pity that people still feel that going into an adult store is a bit iffy.

Anyway, as I said I thought that it would be interesting to see what they were watching. There’s a big market for amateur porn, maybe that’s what they had purchased. Then it struck me. These couples might not be, erm, couples. Maybe they weren’t with their partners and they were out shagging the girl next door!

Makes you think.