Porn Shoot Vacation

By | February 29, 2012

Young Harlot In WindowOne of the most renowned UK porn producers, Gazzman invited Alex and to visit them on set and we didn’t need asking twice.  Lol

He was about to film his latest addition to the Young Harlots series and we were going to be able to see exactly what goes on at a porn shoot over the 2 days we were there.

We embarked on the 3 hour drive to our countryside hotel after eating lunch on the way at our favourite pub.  The setting for the shoot was going to be in a country house, which from the pics looked very nice.

As we pulled in to the hotel’s car park I looked around at the beautiful rolling hillside with the sun shining and the baby blue sky.  It was in complete contrast to the weather we had left back home.

And the hotel itself was very impressive.  It looked like a arts & crafts mansion built from red brick and a little timber with high twisting chimneys which raised majestically towards the sky.  A smile played on my lips as I thought just how nice a stat the holiday had made already.

Inside there were vestiges of the old building but it appeared to have undergone modernisation back in the 80’s.  This I deduced from our avocado bathroom tiles.  Lol  It was slightly dated and tired but still very homely and comfortable.

We unpacked and then threw ourselves on to the bed which nearly wobbled us off.  I don’t know if you have encountered the “wave machine” mattresses common to hotels these days.  They have a habit of tipping rather than yielding to your weight.  Both fun and dangerous at the same time.  🙂

There was no hurry we had arrived the day before the shoot as to be fresh as daisies in the morning.  After a couple of hours rest and a shower we wandered downstairs for our dinner which was delicious.

As we both climbed the stairs we suggested that the sex waited for a while as we were both full to the brim…