First Day At The House Of Porn

By | March 1, 2012

Danny D Ogling Shay HendrixAfter eating a hearty full English breakfast, fruit and toast we both waddled off to the car to embark upon the drive to the porn shoot location.  Luckily we had passed it on the way to the hotel and it was only a matter of minutes up the road.

The day was beautifully clear and their were rabbits everywhere, jumping in and out of hedgerows.  We even had one back at the hotel who was to make an appearance on the lawns outside the restaurant every morning.  🙂

We turned down the narrow lane which widened at the bottom as we reached the gated driveway up to the house.  It all looked very impressive and terribly English darling.  Lol  The car followed the sweeping driveway which eventually brought us out at the side of the house.

As we drove towards the front I immediately recognised where we were.  Gazzman had sent over schedules for the shoot but not told me exactly what he would be filming whilst there.  The frontage of the house gave it away without a doubt, it was the one featured in the “Young Harlots” series.

Oooh, I started to get excited at the prospect of lots of lovely ladies running around in school uniform.  I think Alex did too although he didn’t say anything as I shouted out that we were on a Young Harlots shoot.  Lol

Following the drive we wound round the back of the house and pulled up beside the other vehicles.  As Alex applied the hand brake I spotted my first porn star having a fag.  🙂  It was Danny D a man whose work I have admired for some time.

Both of us entered the via the rear tradesman’s entrance, the façade of this property was awe-inspiring and I couldn’t help but think how the house would have looked when it was built back in the 1700’s.  Inside we were greeted by the cook and a couple of people who we did not recognise.

When asking for Gazzman we were guided out of the kitchen and in to the great hall where I was transfixed by the gorgeous Minton floor which went on for miles, it was the largest one I had seen let alone stood on.  Ok, I know I’m sounding like a bit of an anorak but I do have a cultured side.

As Alex and I stood looking around at this historic building Gazzman made his way out of a side room and greeted us both giving us a brief synopsis of the day and telling us to make ourselves comfortable.

I had no preconceptions about the man himself so I wasn’t surprised by his countenance.  He was friendly, open and welcoming and very busy I detected from his demeanour.  Not wanting to hold him back we said we would have a good chat later.

As I turned around the stars of the first scene were making their way in.  Another face I knew from a previous shoot was Seth Strong he was there and another guy I was yet to meet.   It didn’t take long as he approached us offering to give us an interview before the scene as he was leaving after the shot.

Embarrassed to ask I wandered in to the kitchen after brief introductions to ask who he was.  After offering a description of a guy in jeans and a pale blue hoody I was told it was Kai Taylor.  I thanked the cook and made my way back in to the main hall where Alex was chatting away to him.

Kai gestured for us to take a seat in the room adjacent and we could continue the interview.  I took a seat on a very grand looking guilded chair as did Kai and Alex.  It felt just like sitting in a country pile waiting to receive a grand guest, totally at odds to exactly who we were about to meet.  lol