Fucking On The Table

By | March 3, 2012

Schoolgirl Walking AwayAs we walked out of the interview with Kai Taylor everyone started to assemble for the first shoot of the week.  I immediately recognised Seth Strong from a shoot I was on at the end of last year and I had a good chat with him and discovered his alter ego was a falconer and he had a very good business as a pest control contractor with benefits.  Lol

It was then time for stills to be taken and I pointed my camera at the naughty school girl before me.  Now if they had girls like that at my school I would have been more eager to attend.  😉

I became a porn tog taking photographs of the vey naughty Christine Crystalis as she posed in her school uniform with no panties on chairs, tables and anything else which got in her naughty way.

My hand isn’t the best when it comes to taking pics but I did manage to get some good ones of Christine who made the perfect school girl as she posed on the chair an in the window.  It all felt a little bit saucy as I thought about what was yet to come.

Being a bisexual I couldn’t help but be affected by the visual naughtiness that I was part of, the girls were great and the guys even better.  I felt like a girl at a Haribo contest and I had won all the sweeties!

Apart from Alex and another guest on the shoot, Peter Clark who as I was to find out was a friend on Facebook we were left to our own devices until the official tog appeared who we knew from a previous shoot.

Christine was the perfect muse, pretty and very naughty and I hadn’t even seen her in action yet…

Kai and Seth appeared, then George Uhl who looked eager to get some ass.  Kai and George were wearing headmaster’s gowns and Seth looked like a country gent dressed in his tweeds.  The sound and camera crew assembled and then in came Gazzman with his camera.

Christine climbed up on the long wooden table in her school uniform and the guys gathered around her.  The guys were given direction from Gazzman and the filming commenced just after lunch.  We all huddled at the top end of the room to allow for movement and camera angles so our view was from the top end of the table.

The scene unfolded before us and I tried to get some action shots without being too obtrusive but was asked to stop when the sound engineer heard my camera shutter on the soundtrack.  But I still managed to sneak in some crafty shots around the filming which was stop/start.

I’d never been in a room with 3 men wanking before, felt a bit of a voyeur.  😉  But it was necessary to keep themselves up between the breaks in shooting.  Normally I would have been slightly embarrassed to talk to a stranger whilst he was wanking but the barriers are broken down somehow at a porn shoot.

All the time Gazzman is shooting his filming is being monitored by a guy watching the feed on a monitor.  He occasionally prompts “focus” and other commands when the shot needs to be adjusted.  It’s all very professional.  Lol

Got some great shots and footage over the two days we were on set and even got to see my first DP live on day one, what a great start!