Celebrity Nudes

By | March 4, 2012

Celebrity NudesThere was a time when celebrity nude images were a novelty. There have always been three types – the real, the fake and the look-alike photographed to make you say “Is that really them?”

A lot of celebrities have a “past”, often modelling in anything from a knitting pattern illustration to an “art” film at university where it was “artistically necessary” to do a full frontal nude shot. LOL There’s nothing sordid about that it’s just part of a lot of people’s lives, part of their development in the performing arts. Don’t forget most celebrities are performers, be that as singers, actors or dancers so performance of one sort or another is going to form part of their past.

When you find a nude shot of a celeb it’s often grainy, not too graphic and amateur in quality. In fact apart from some of the hilarious spoofs out there this is often then the mark of a genuine celebrity nude image or video.

The fakes are pretty good in a fun sort of way either amusingly bad temptingly believable if the creator was particularly adept at photo-manipulation.

Finally the look-alikes, either models intentionally made up to look like a celeb or the accidental likenesses or the deliberate setups round off the trio. An extension of this is of course the whole porn movie constructed around someone who looks a bit like a celeb and titled with a ludicrously cheesy pun – “Nailin’ Palin” for example.

Personally I’m feeling that no matter what the quality of the images I’ve been overloaded with celebrity nudes. I came across some today, no pun intended, and while they were OK the novelty has gone and the naughty thrill of seeing someone in the nude that you would only otherwise seen clothed has lost much of its sparkle.

How about you guys?