A Naughty Evening With Danny D

By | March 5, 2012

Young Harlot Over ChairAside from the experience of filming we got the chance to chat with the members of the cast and one guy stood out from the crowd.  That was the very likeable Danny D.  He is intelligent, witty and very charming, you will get to meet him later when we publish his interview podcast.

I didn’t attempt to speak to Kristine Crystalis or Victoria Blaze the two Czec girls as their English was rather limited and George Uhl was interpreting for them when they were on set.  They both seemed eager to please and were pleasant.

The filming continued on through the afternoon and in to early evening.  We had booked in to the hotel for evening meal so left at around 6.30pm with the intention of returning afterwards to see what was happening.

After a delicious 3 course dinner we went straight back to the manor house to see what was happening.  When we arrived everyone was finishing off their meals and the shoot was set to go as soon as everyone was ready.

Unfortunately the size of the room they were filming in meant everyone had to squeeze in to a corner and it was difficult to either see the action or take pictures of it so we opted not to bother.  Shame because I wanted to see Mr D’s legendary cock, it’s one thing seeing it on a DVD but there is nothing like checking it out in real life.  😉

We chatted briefly with some of the cast and crew before saying our goodbyes and were advised to turn up at 11am the following day for the shoot.