Never Judge A Porn Star…

By | March 7, 2012

George Uhl As Headmaster

For some time now I’ve been watching George Uhl fucking away young starlets in Gazzman’s productions.  At times it felt quite un-nerving watching him lusting over some nubile young hottie, particularly in Young Harlots where he dons his gown and becomes the teacher or headmaster.

But since going on my porn shoot weekend my attitude towards him has changed.  Yes, he is portrayed as being a letching elder of the school who takes advantage of his young pupils, probably because there is a significant age difference.

However, this has now rather tarred him with the “letch” brush (or it had in my mind) which couldn’t be further from the truth, as I discovered on my naughty weekend.

George has been rather besmirched by his role in the films.  Having met him and talked to him “off camera” he is one of the sweetest guys you could wish to meet.  He is also invaluable when it comes to handling the Czech girls who fly over to film.

He takes the role of patriarch and translates and guides the girls in their scenes, showing he has a protective facet to his personality.  Mr Uhl has gone way up in my opinion since meeting him and in a way I’m glad because I shall be reviewing his work in a totally different light now.

It just shows you how you can form totally the wrong opinion about someone when you only know their on-screen persona.

I’ll tell you about a funny moment I had with him later…  lol