Making Such Filthy Music

By | March 10, 2012

Young Harlot Tieing ShoesWe arrived promptly at 11am to find that the shoot was behind as the previous evening had overrun in to the early hours.  People were still breakfasting, having makeup done and wandering around the large house.

Alex and I took advantage of the time on our hands to explore the property.  It spread over 3 floors and each room exuded character.  One of the bathrooms even had a collection of Star Trek memorabilia in it, I kid you not.  There was a delicious aroma of cooked breakfast wafting around downstairs and if we hadn’t already ate at the hotel we would have been tucking in.

After noising around the manor we wandered outside and chatted to some of the crew and stars of the shoot including Danny D who I managed to get a very interesting interview with before he was dragged back inside to prepare for his shoot.

Watch out for his interview being posted up soon.

Both of us went to the room the shoot was being filmed in.  It was the music room and contained a grand piano, several guitars and brass instruments.  Both Brooklyn and Lou Lou walked in to the room closely followed by the set tog to have some shots taken.

Seizing the opportunity I got a few shots in before he started as it’s not possible to take pictures when the flash lights are on they trigger and white out your shots.  I did however manage to get some nice ones of them both following makeup earlier as well.

I could see from the size of the room that things were going to be a little tight and I wasn’t wrong.  When Gazzman arrived with his production guy they set up a track for the camera which ran right across in front of where we onlookers were standing.

The room was cleared and unfortunately, again we didn’t get to watch the scene.  So we disappeared off downstairs to find something to occupy ourselves.  We had a brief chat with George Uhl and some of the other people and then made our way back to the hotel.

We were to return again at 7pm for the second scene of the day and hopefully it would start on time…