Outdoor Sex And A Little Culture

By | September 29, 2008

AlexSuzeSaturday promised to be a good day as far as the weather goes so Alex and I decided to make the trip to Chatsworth House in Derbyshire for the day. They were hosting some large art installations in the grounds which I wanted to take a look at.

But I also thought we may be able to find some secluded area to try some naughty installations of our own too. The possibility of finding some hidden glade to have a bit of outdoor fun in fuelled the idea to visit. It was so long since we last indulged in some wild in the county sex.

The last time we fucked in the open we had an accident on the motorway which left the car irreparably damaged and both of us thanking our lucky stars we were still alive. It had been a great day at Fountains Abbey. We had taken a route off the beaten trail and found a secluded ditch atop a hill full of fallen leaves and very quiet.

I had dropped my trousers and Alex had left his on with cock pocking through flies. I leant towards the embankment placing my hands on the earth whilst he slid in from behind and fucked me hard.

There were distractions which both fuelled and caused minor diversions to the proceedings but we both enjoyed the wickedness of the moment. Knowing people were passing by on the footpath below, oblivious to our love making up the hill. It was a warm day and everything was just right.

How could we have known that on the way home a tyre would blowout on the way home which could have killed us both.

That’s a while ago and we fancied trying out a little naughty outdoor fucking again, this time without the bad ending. A warm day fucking in the countryside appealed to both of us.

We arrived to a rather full car park just after lunch with the sun burning its way through the mist which we drove through on the way. It was warm, bright and sunny and we were both as randy as hell.

After fighting our way though the queues of people all with the same idea of enjoying probably the last day of sun before winter, we entered the gardens. It was busy but not overly so, considering the number of cars in the car park, this place can absorb quite high numbers of visitors without being too overwhelmed.

The exhibition taking place in the grounds was both interesting and diverse and was mainly on the lower levels of the grounds. So we decided to head up in to the hill hoping for some privacy and a chance to do some outdoor petting.

It seemed it wasn’t to be, every path and turn which although looking secluded did not deliver. There were people at every turn and summit looking around. We kept on trying to find the elusive hideaway in which to copulate but it seemed that other forced were bound to keep us apart.

In the end we gave up trying and Alex gave me a deep and meaningful kiss whilst pushing his hands inside my trousers and down my panties. He then massaged my clit in the middle of a leafy enclave. Within minutes we could hear someone approaching and abandoned the experience.

But a cup of tea in the café didn’t quite make up for it. Has anyone any suggestions for good places to make out without the dogging fraternity or onlookers. 😉