Final Day At The Porn Shoot

By | March 17, 2012

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As we breakfasted at the hotel watching the local rabbit doing its thing the sun came out from behind the clouds to spread its golden rays over the hills and valleys.  Then just as we thought things couldn’t get much better a sheep appeared in the grounds in front of us.  That explained all the poo which we could now spot in the neatly trimmed grass.  Lol

It was the perfect day for us to be travelling home but first we had some naughty business to take care of.  We were scheduled to leave around 1pm so we could make our way home comfortably for work the following day.  Sigh.  Yes, Alex still has a day job so we had to get back.

It felt sad to be leaving as we drove up the now familiar driveway to the manor.  We entered the house and it was quiet, just what you would expect on a typical Sunday at home but upstairs things were happening.

Today was to be the day that Danny D got a blow job from Lou Lou whilst 4 girls performed naughty acts upon themselves.  OMG!  How horny is that.

We were hanging around talking to anyone who appeared downstairs to kill time whilst the performers were getting ready.  Gazzman appeared and asked Alex to help him clear the room of props costumes and other equipment in preparation for the afternoons shoot.  And I watched, bad back you know.  Lol

Once the room was cleared it was decided that everyone should assemble in the grounds outside for some stills for the shoot.  It was a beautiful day, sun shining and the sky was blue and the girls were even bluer.  😉

I don’t recall the girls looking quite so hot in uniform at my school.  And when they sparked up and started smoking with shirts unbuttoned to the navel it was a visual hot house.  If I had a cock it would have been standing to attention.  Lol  Such a bunch of bad girls.

After taking some really good shots of the girls the guys appeared dressed in their gowns and assembled on the steps in front of the manor for a typical “school year” shot.  Only not from any school we attended.  I wish.

The whole tog process took longer than we would have liked and we unfortunately had to leave before shooting began.  🙁

So I still didn’t get to see Danny D’s famous cock, so until next time…