Long And Slow, Hard All Day, Deep Into The Night

By | March 18, 2012

Young Harlot Dropping PantiesWe’ve been on three porn shoots since we started getting into the adult movie side of the adult business and like most other enterprises each production team has a very different character and way of doing things. It’s not just about being artistic it’s about the different characters of the people involved and the way they blend together.

The first shoot we went on was with Tanya Hyde, to see a scene which was eventually incorporated into the movie “Girls Behaving Badly”. You can read the review of this movie over here.

In this instance we were treated to a whole day filming one individual scene. Starting around nine in the morning and finishing in the early evening. The work rate was steady and consistent, unhurried but with something going on all day. The crew was small and the atmosphere cosy, all taking place in one of the best known houses in England – 33 Portland Place, London – where, amongst other things the film “The King’s Speech” was filmed.

I suppose we assumed this was pretty much the norm for porn shoots which looking back was quite naïve because every endeavour, business, practical and artistic is different depending on the people involved. In my defence I would say that because most porn is presented on a scene by scene basis, be that on DVD or VoD you would think that it can be produced in a similar way too.

Our second trip to watch porn in the making was to a shoot for Television X and their series “Feel Or No Deal” a spoof on the well known TV game show format “Deal Or No Deal”. With five scenes shot in one day the production was frenetic at times, starting later than planned but proceeding well once it had gathered a head of steam. Unlike our first experience of filming this took place in a purpose built studio that had been hired for the production and therefore had a properly constructed set, sound desk, boom cameras and even the luxury of changing rooms for the cast.

I didn’t mention that? In the Tanya Hyde production the cast stripped of right in front of us as they got ready for the filming. A surreal experience when you consider that for most people the only time people of the opposite sex strip naked in front of you is in the changing room at the gym and when it comes to the opposite sex … when you are about to get jiggy! So to have a couple of blokes and a beautiful girl (Shay Hendrix) strip naked only minutes after you had met them then start to fuck each other was interesting to say the least.

The latest expedition was the longest we have undertaken and filled with experiences that are still sinking in. Watching Gazzman film two scenes each day over 2 and a half days was interesting enough but the location added its own character to the unique Gazzman style of film making. Set in beautiful countryside the huge characterful house was furnished and decorated in a massively eclectic manner. It was big enough to accommodate the cast and crew, but not us. Though because of the late nights that filming with Gazzman involves we would arrive just as several half naked porn stars were getting out of their beds and heading to makeup.

The long days and ample opportunity to talk to the stars meant we were able to properly get to know people in a way that had not been possible on previous shoots. It was interesting to see the public and private sides of people like Danny D, George Uhl, Shay Hendrix, Seth Strong and Kai. Not to mention the crew and supporting staff.

Every production had its highlights and moments that we could have done without though the former outnumbered the latter in every case.

I mean, how often do you get to spend time watching a movie being made – especially an adult movie?