Sex Toys Everywhere I look

By | September 30, 2008

Alex and I have a constant battle to keep our toys under wraps. I have a tendency to leave them out all over the house, especially in the office where I do my review write ups. This is bound to backfire on me one day I just know it, my parents will show up unannounced and cop an eyeful of my latest muse. Lol

In his attempts to cleanup and organise things Alex purchased some stackable storage boxes to put our collection in to. Just one problem they are transparent, you can see everything inside.

Solution, he decided to place the toys inside a black bin liner first. He’s not just a pretty face! 😉 This was a great idea but he shouldn’t have allocated toys to each box and then stacked them up in the corner of our bedroom.

Reason why…his sister turned up at the weekend with little nephew. Not a problem I hear you say. Thing is, little nephew went a wandering around the house as kids tend to do. I followed him upstairs and he was peering in to the side of the top box.

It’s amazing how quickly you can get a child’s attention when you need to.

Needless to say after he left we swiftly got the toys bundled up and boxed.

I thought I would have a look around at storage possibilities on the web and came across this idea. It’s a great idea especially if you want to keep your toys close to hand and your visitors would never know. Very clever.