Girls And Boys And Sex Toys

By | September 30, 2008

AlexSuzeI’ve been hunting around all day for a new toy. Not a sex toy you understand, but don’t worry I’ll get on to them later in the post. It’s becoming more and more apparent that I need a new phone for any number of reasons.

First of all the battery’s a bit temperamental, sometimes holding charge for days, then at other times dropping to nothing within a day. I don’t make many calls so that’s not what I’d expect. Then there’s the Blue Tooth headset. Until a couple of weeks ago it was crystal clear, now the sound quality is fuzzy.

Then there’s email.

I only have a standard handset, no mobile email and that is becoming a problem.

So I’ve decided to buy a Blackberry. That’s quite shocking for me because I never thought I’d have a real use for one of those things. But now I genuinely do so rather than just get another phone I’m taking the plunge into proper mobile email.

It struck me as rather peculiar today as I tried to find out when the new Blackberry Bold 9000 model will be available that for someone who has never had an interest in mobile phones aside from the business of making calls I suddenly became very interested in them as I spent my lunch hour chasing up the release date for the 9000.

Well it was yesterday apparently, but Blackberry have put it back by a week or so. And sadly I’ll be waiting to get my hands one rather impatiently. However I do have a genuine reason to buy one.

On to sex toys. At Last! You cry.

Necessity is the mother of invention so when I saw that the homepage of the Sex toys Buzz newsletter needed a little something extra I decided to add thumbnail images of the top referrer’s sites to the sidebar. It’s brightened things up and you can see where you’re headed (a bit) before you get there. It didn’t take too long but I think it does the trick.

If you haven’t seen the newsletter page yet you ought to take a look. If you subscribe to the Sex Toys Buzz newsletter you are automatically entered into a draw where you could win sex toys and adult products. Better still, if you have an adult site you can link to us and automatically get a reciprocal link from our top referrers list.

While you’re waiting for the first newsletter to be sent to your inbox (next month) you can read some of our sex toy reviews.

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