Mutual Masturbation

By | March 29, 2012

Poolside BlondeMy social networking site never fails to amaze me.  From the requests to see more pics of me and do I do porn to the requests for me to meet up for a quick shag.  Some people are so unsophisticated it wouldn’t surprise me if that was the only contact they have with opposite sex…but hey I suppose it takes all sorts and there is allegedly someone for everyone out there.

Tonight I had a first, I was messaged that this guy was about to play with his toy whilst thinking about me.  How romantic I thought.  Lol

But what it did do was remind me how much I like to engage in a bit of mutual masturbation.  It’s a double whammy for me because I like to watch Alex stroke himself to orgasm as much as I like to frig myself off for him.

Tell me what do you like, do you like to watch or do you prefer to get it on for your partner?  Or if you are between partners do you like to watch someone wank for you?