Watching And Wanking

By | October 1, 2008

How long have I been working for my current employer? Well the answer is almost 2 years now. In the same building and on the same floor and in the same office.

So how come I never noticed the cameras until today?

The answer if very simple, they are small and discreetly placed throughout the building. Apparently there are cameras on each floor and in most of the offices. You got that didn’t you? The key element of that sentence being in “most of the offices”.

Certain people don’t have a camera situated in their offices. In particular management and IT, who I will come back to in a minute.

I’m not sure about the others but the cameras in our office are pointing directly at our desks. Not at the door, not at the windows…at us. This begs the question “why are they trained on us and not the areas of access to the office?”.

I’ll tell you why, Big Brother.

It turns out that the only people able to gain access the feed are the directors and…you guessed it IT!

Now I’ll let you visualise IT for a moment. It’s one guy, I say guy but he is a real geek in every sense of the word. Now don’t get me wrong, I know a few IT people and they are good people for the most part but IT at our place or as we fondly know him “the control freak” is just like the image you see above.

TCF has his very own office and his very own feed to his computer. He can watch me, Busty and Horny to his hearts content all snuggled in his little office. And I’m betting that he keeps a box of tissues in his top drawer for those little emergencies. You get my drift.

As I sit here I’m thinking of a way to obscure the lens without drawing attention to myself. What do you suggest?