Panty Flash

By | April 9, 2012

Transparent DressI used to have a manual job, and as I’ve mentioned before it was like workplaces the world over; Male dominated and misogynistic. There was a constant obsession on the part of the workshop staff with what the office staff were wearing. Female office staff that is. Heaven forbid that any of the guys might be gay!

The numbers of men working there made it statistically highly probably that at least one of them was gay, but in that kind of environment you don’t shout about it. So, all letching was directed towards the office staff.

There are two incidents that popped into my mind just now. The first was one sub-contractor who we used regularly who was fixated on red shoes. It was a real passion of his. I wouldn’t say fetish (though you never know what he go up to when not at work) it’s just that if he saw a woman wearing read shoes on the street he’d stare, his mouth would take on a gormless expression, you get the idea. One of the office staff once wore a pair of red heels, not very high, but enough to have him distracted for the rest of the day. Harmless, but when you’re trying to work his constant droning about how sexy she looked and how he’d like to … well it got a little wearing after three or four hours.

I suspect she wore the shoes on purpose knowing what he was like. Can’t blame her I suppose, I assume she enjoyed the attention.

The other notable clothing related incident was an office junior just out of college. She turned up for work in some weird clothing but one day she excelled herself. She wore a long-ish white blouse, nipped at the waist with a black belt, black woollen tights and … you were expecting me to say a skirt weren’t you. No skirt.

I think the idea was that the blouse would be almost like a short dress, but it didn’t work. She was a tall girl and every time she stretched or bent over you could see her lemon yellow knickers as the weave of the tights stretched and thinned.

You can imagine how many unnecessary trips to the offices occurred that day. That particular outfit never appeared in the office again.