My First Dominatrix

By | May 2, 2012

Jacqueline Pearce’s portrayal of Servalan is still regarded by many people as the sexiest thing to come out of the BBC in the early eighties. Jacqueline’s powerful and driven President of Earth is unremittingly self-serving, ruthless and regards her sexuality as simply another tool in the armoury that put her in charge of the entire planet in the first place.

Little wonder that I remember her saying once in an interview that some of her fan mail was a little sexual in nature. To some she was and possibly still is the ultimate dominatrix in that she wielded power over all the men on the planet and she was totally unattainable, being a character of fiction set in the far future. Even if she had been real and you had been around in the year 3xxx she would have crushed you like a bug. LOL

I thought I’d look her up as I remember the series Blake’s 7 with a huge amount of fondness from my childhood. It was full of great stories, good and bad acting and very wobbly sets courtesy of a budget that would make modern TV programme makers roar with laughter.

You can read Jacqueline’s blog on her site, here.