Crowds Of Bisexual Women

By | May 10, 2012

Cliched ThreesomeIt’s difficult to move these days without falling over bisexual women. You talking about me?  Lol Specifically I’m talking about celebrities. A cynic might say that pop stars and the sort of celebrities who are famous just for being famous have discovered that announcing that they are bisexual increases their public profile. It also means that many men suddenly feel an urge to take notice of them if they hadn’t before as thoughts of threesomes form in their minds.

I’m not saying that every celeb who announces their newly discovered sexuality is being disingenuous, that would be unfair and most probably inaccurate. However you don’t get to be a celeb without recognising a good publicity vehicle or having people around you that recognise one when they see it.

All this makes for great fantasy material for boys and girls alike. It provides the tabloid press with the column inches that makes a lazy journo’s life easy and creates a thousand smutty jokes and innuendos.

It occurs to me however that this bevy of beautiful bisexual birds is only half the story. Acceptance of female bisexuality is now gaining social acceptability. Girls are willing to experiment with it and even if their adventures into same sex relationships are flirtations and fun rather than a reflection of a fundamental aspect of their sexual preference they are more likely to dabble than ever before.

Would we be as accepting of male bisexuality? If a male actor or pop star announced they swung both ways would their career be adversely affected?

With a few exceptions such a revelation has in practice caused at least a pause in a star’s ascendance while their fan base adjusts and changes. Assimilating such information seems far more difficult when a man is involved and has a greater effect on society’s attitude towards them.

In extreme cases careers can be ended or stunted to such a degree that an individual is relegated to the “whatever happened to so-and-so” category.

Sexist, hypocritical, unfair? Yes it’s all of those things but sadly true.