Sex Toy Hysteria

By | May 21, 2012

Sexy Whip GirlMade in 2011 the “Hysteria” film is about to go on general release. Was it because the release schedule for the movie studios was so packed , was it that the studio thought the subject matter was so sensitive or was it just and administrative oversight that meant we have to wait until now to see it?

If you don’t know the movie is about the first vibrator, and it is based on a true story. Being a rom-com it’s going to be loosely based on reality but that doesn’t matter because it’s going to get people talking about sex toys and we love that :-). After all we review sex toys over on Sex Toys Buzz.

The specific sex toys we’re talking about here came into being because of a perceived ailment of the female of the species during Victorian times – the titular “Hysteria”, or roaming uterus! Doctors actually believed that a woman’s womb moved around her body and in doing so caused all sorts of maladies.

Preposterous I know but for a number of doctors of the time a rather profitable and of course interesting condition to treat. Why? Well, the accepted treatment was to print the afflicted woman to orgasm!

At first this was achieved through manual means, then some bright spark invented a mechanical device to do the job which saved doctors getting RSI I suppose …

So now you can use a vibrator and tell everyone that it’s not a sex toy, it’s a medical device. Even if the medical science you’re talking about is based on a 19th century misconception about women’s bodies that blamed almost every type of as yet fully understood disease of the (female) human body on a vagina with a ticket to ride.

Strangely for a society where a woman’s place was definitely one rung of the ladder below a man’s you have to wonder why doctors didn’t prescribe masturbation as a cure-all. If they had we might have had male sex toys given the same boost.

I suppose we’ve made up for it now with male sex toys as varied and fun as female ones in 2012.