Cum In Her Mouth

By | May 23, 2012

cum shotWe have an old porn movie on VHS where one of the scenes features a woman who insists that her male partner cums in her mouth. Not in the mouth gaping expectantly, cum splashing all over her face sort of way but actually cums with her mouth wrapped around his cock wallowing his rather copious flow of cum until it spills out of the sides.

The rest of the video is pretty conventional with faces covered in cum as you would expect.

Interesting isn’t it the expectations that men place on women in the bedroom. First it as oral sex, without the orgasm, then it was letting you cum in their mouths, perhaps you wanted to squirt all over their faces … hang on there are two people having sex here. Does she really enjoy what you are both doing here?

Undoubtedly in most cases, at some point in a relationship she does. We take the view that we’ll experiment with most things and if we don’t like them we don’t try them again. Other things we’ll do if we are both in the mood, usually an especially dirty mood. Everyone derives pleasure from sex in a unique mix of mental and physical stimuli, a mix that changes with their mood, partner and as they grow older.

We have found that while always adventurous we are still eager to explore, yet at the same time take great pleasure in doing some things that we know we both enjoy because I suppose they are familiar. This doesn’t mean they are boring, we find them fulfilling, gratifying and still exciting no matter how many times we do them.

For example I find cumming on Suze’s tits far more sexually gratifying than say masturbating over her face, and yet if you look at that rather skewed compass of sexual behaviour, porn, the facial cum shot seems to be the ultimate goal of some men. Maybe it is for some women, just don’t let him get it in your eyes girls because it stings like fuck.

The old question used to be “does she spit or swallow”, if that’s the extent of your sexual horizon then you have a lot to learn about sex and women.